Best Ways to Prevent and Get Over Flu

Whether you’d like to admit it or not Flu Season is coming up. Being healthy and well is something we never think about until we’re actually sick. So rather than letting the flu knock you down read how you can get back up. (Keep in mind that 90% of infections are viral and drinking antibiotics will do nothing to help you, but make sure your doctor rules out a bacterial infection before you decide to skip them altogether.)



Nothing is more effective than letting your body rest and do it’s thing by sleeping as much as possible. When  you’re feeling run down its your body’s way of telling you it needs to recharge in order to fight off that infection.



While this won’t actually do anything for your cold or flu it will improve your mood and help you get back on track at work or school. Just remember that coffee is a diuretic and it will dehydrate you somewhat so make sure you drink some water as well to balance out the effect.


Hit the Sauna

While many consider “Sweating out a fever” to be outdated, every single time that I’ve done it, it really made me feel better. Maybe it’s the increased temperature that helps kill off bacteria and sweat out the toxins or maybe just the relaxation but it definitely doesn’t hurt. Just don’t overdo it.



Rinse your Sinuses 

A Neti-Pot works wonders in clearing out all the mucus you have built up inside and clearing your head. Similarly, gargling with a cup of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of salt will help soothe that sore throat.



Drink as much as you can in order to flush those toxins out and keep your body in optimal shape while it’s fighting for you.



Drink Airborne

I swear by this! At the first sign of feeling unwell this mix of Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc will kick your immune system into high gear. I’ve personally gotten over whatever cold or flu I had much quicker everytime I drank it.


That’s It! Along with a warm bowl of Chicken Soup and a nice book to read that’s pretty much all you can do to get over your illness. I came down with the flu just yesterday for the first time in years and it’s Day 2 and I’m already feeling much better thanks to the above!


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