10,000 Steps a Day to a Better You

You may have heard to aim for 10,000 steps a day, but where did we get this number from? And how effective is it really? Back in the 1960’s a Japanese company started marketing a new brand of fitness equipment, the pedometer which monitors how many steps you take. It’s a simple piece of technology but it needed to catch on with the general public. 10,000 is considered a lucky number in Japan, so much so that people usually gift 10,000 Yen at weddings. 10,000 steps also equates to roughly 5 miles, a reasonable daily goal for most people to burn fat and stay healthy. So while your individual needs may be less or more, 10,000 is definitely a good goal to set for yourself if you want to stay active.

Recently more and more people have been purchasing wearable fitness trackers, but you don’t necessarily need one to monitor your progress. If you have an Iphone, there’s a pre-installed App called Health which most people never bother to open. It’s actually pretty cool since it monitors nearly everything, from steps walked to flights of stairs and more. Just the other day I opened it up for the first time and was surprised to see I had walked 8 miles that day! See you all at 20,000 soon!


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