10 Camping Must Haves

Sometimes it’s nice to get away. I’m talking surrounded by nature, no service, and only static on the radio station. Recently I found myself going on a last-minute camping trip and realized I had nothing I needed to survive. Which is why I’m making this Top 10 List of Camping Must Haves.. Learn from my mistakes!

  1. A Tent, Sleeping Bag, Air Mattress and Foam Pad– Because nothing sucks more than sleeping on a cold bed of rocks.
  2. A Battery-Powered Lantern– I picked one up at Wal-Mart for 15 bucks that lit up the night sky and helped me avoid falling into a ditch while looking for a place to pee in the middle of the night.
  3. Air Pump- Because what good is that air mattress if you forgot this. Good luck trying to blow it up on lung power alone.
  4. Sharp Metal Tool- This can be a saw, axe, hatchet, machete, whatever.. You’ll need it for firewood
  5. A Lighter or Firestarter- That campfire seems like a nice idea until you realize you need to rub two sticks together for the next 8 hours to get it going.
  6. Trail Mix- It’s a process getting breakfast and dinner going and you need something healthy and full of protein to keep your energy going throughout the day. Plus it’s helpful to throw M&M’s down on your hike to trace your path back to the tent (Don’t actually do that)
  7. Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes- When you go camping with a large group you sort of expect someone to have these things. You’d be surprised.
  8. Sun Block and Insect Repellant- So you don’t end up looking like a bit-up lobster by the end of your trip.
  9. Cookware- to get that campfire chili going at night.
  10. Google Maps– This is probably one of the most important ones.. When you hit the No Service Zone driving with not even a squirrel in sight you’re gonna want your pre-loaded map to save your ass. Your Navigation uses Satellites rather than Data so you’ll always know how to get to where you’re going.

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