What is Foam Rolling?

Foam Rolling is a great underused tool to help in muscle recovery and aid in pre-workout stretching to prevent injury. Here’s how it works.. As you start rolling your body over the foam it helps break up knots in your muscles which improves your range of motion. In addition it aids in circulation and can speed up your healing process after having an intense workout. Tight muscles are more likely to lead to tears and injuries so make sure you incorporate rolling into your pre-workout static stretching. Specific areas you should target include your IT Band, Calves, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Thoracic Spine. Make sure to go slowly and keep good form. Avoid foam rolling your lower back or neck. If those areas trouble you it’s best to try child’s pose in order to gently stretch them out. It’s available for less than $20 on Amazon so pick one up today and get rolling!


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