Make Your Own Burrito Bowl

I love eating. Especially when it’s something I made myself and I know exactly what’s going in it. Yet most people seem to think there’s some kind of trade-off between healthy eating and taste, where one of those will inevitably be sacrificed. A lot of the time that may be true, but if you stay informed you will find the loopholes like I did! For example, let’s say you want a healthy organic meal with green leafy vegetables yet with a high protein content and that tastes like it’s a guilty pleasure. Hard? Yes, Impossible? No…

Here’s my recipe for a delicious burrito bowl:

1. 1 pound organic ground beef (90% lean, 10% fat)

2. Whole Avocado, Destoned and Cubed

3. 1/2 Cup Diced Tomato

4. 2 Tbsp Minced Red Onion

5. 2 Tbsp Freshly-Squeezed Lime Juice

6. Shredded Dark Romaine Lettuce

7. 1/2 Cup Black Beans

8. 1 Cup Brown Rice

9. 1/2 Cup Low-Fat Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Brown the beef with avocado oil over medium heat. In the meantime combine your red onion, lime juice, tomatoes and avocado and mash in bowl to make your guac. Heat up the beans and rice and stir in with the browned beef. Top with lettuce, cheese and guac. Enjoy!



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