Just How Much Protein Do I Need?

Picture this: You started a new workout plan, you told everyone about it and you even did it religiously the first 10 days until you felt like you had nothing to show for it. The number one reason most people give up on anything in life is a lack of perceived progress. You already know consistency is key when it comes to a workout routine but what if you’re doing it wrong? Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who feels passionate about fitness seems to have contradictory opinions when it comes to how important protein is or exactly how much they need. I’m here to make it simple and manageable for you to the point where it becomes like clockwork. So here goes..

Essentially your body needs 1-2 grams of protein per pound of lean bodyweight. I know that might sound confusing and abstract but it’s easy. Let’s say I weigh 180 lbs and I know my bodyfat is hovering around 25%. That means I have 45 pounds of fat and 135 pounds of everything else AKA lean bodyweight. So at a minimum I want roughly 135 grams of protein per day spaced out evenly over 5-6 small meals to keep my metabolism running. That’s 23 grams of protein per meal, which is definitely realistic. (A Cup of Greek Yogurt or a Chicken Breast already has that much per serving)

You see, Protein is hard for your body to digest as compared to something like empty calories from a sugary bottle of soda. So your body burns more calories trying to convert that protein to raw energy to fuel itself. The take home lesson is this: More Protein=More Muscle=Less Fat. Period. Check out High Protein Meals for some tasty high-protein meals you can make at home and on the go.


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